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I have a passion for IT and physical security in both the securing and breaking sense. I am always on the lookout for old and new methods which I can utilise, from xss to lock picking… It all interests me. (apart from ASM, that drives me crazy)

I enjoy the hunt of pentesting and feel satisfaction providing a report detailing this, along with information needed to repair a vulnerability.

Over the past 7 months I have taken part in CTF365, playing the game and currently ranking in the top 3. Our team assisted in bug testing and performing additional security audits on the accessible infrastructure, to ensure CTF365 stayed afloat hiccup free.

Scripting / Coding

My main development work is building tools and scripts, allowing automation of many frequent tasks.

I have worked with many Scripting languages some of which are VB6, VB .NET, Bash & Perl - Admittedly I haven't worked with Visual Basic in a while, my focus has been mainly Bash & Perl scripts and tools.

I am hoping to start learning ruby this year and imagine it will be an eventful journey.

Links to some of my work can be found in the side bar.

About Me

I am a very motivated, energetic and highly dynamic IT Consultant, specializing in Linux System Administration and Security.

I have an excellent analytical and problem solving skill-set, along with proven operating system, networking and software skills in both professional and recreational environments.

A proactive leader who works well under pressure and enjoys a challenge, while simultaneously able to fulfil the everyday tasks required.

I currently work for a UK ISP within network operations, leading a team that is responsible for keeping the internets internetting :)